The first step in private school fundraising is to choose a fundraiser. It sounds simple, but this is often the hardest part. You want to pick a fundraising program that compliments both your group and those who will be participating as buyers. For instance, you may think that coffee is a ridiculous item for school-age children to sell, but if they are selling to adults in the community it may be a very popular item; plus the price is only $10, which makes it easy to remember. Choose a fundraising item that suits your group and your customers. Before you make your final decision, check for any type of requirements or shipping fees and make sure your group is up to the challenge.

Once you have chosen a great private school fundraising program give your fundraising consultant a call. If it is a direct-sell item, like candy or scratch cards you can simply place your order and wait for the shipment to come in. If it is a pre-sell fundraiser they will be sending you free brochures, along with collection envelopes and an information packet. Once it arrives you will pass out the brochures to each student and begin selling.

Be sure, before students start canvassing the neighborhood that they know exactly what they are getting into. Tell each participant why you are raising money, how to take orders, and when the brochures and collected money need to be turned in. The more they know, they better the sale will be. Also make sure to go over a few safety tips for young children.

Once your private school fundraiser is over you simply tally up the orders, contact your fundraising consultant and send in the portion of your profits that will pay for the items you sold. The shipment will arrive according to which type of fundraiser you did, and when your payment was received. After it is delivered just pass out the items to all of your customers, and enjoy the money that you have raised!