Fundraising for cancer research can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Whether you or someone you know has been directly impacted by cancer or not, working to help further the vital research into treatments and cures for cancer is incredibly important.

In order to have the most positive experience possible you will want to take some steps to eliminate some of the common headaches associated with participating in or running a cancer fundraiser. By doing a little planning, you can make everything run much more smoothly before a single item is sold.

For example, choosing an appropriate cancer fundraiser is hugely important. What that means is finding a program that your customers will be interested in that offers a high enough profit to make an impact. A great example of a cancer fundraiser that meets those criteria is our Go Green fundraiser. It offers a wide range of earth friendly, organic, and all natural products that people really enjoy not only buying, but selling as well. It also offers up to 55% profit depending on how many items you sell.

Another key to increasing sales and reducing headaches is to have a kick off meeting to announce your cancer fund raising program. Get everyone who will be selling for you together and let them know what program you have chosen. You will also want to make sure they are clear when orders need to be turned in. If you are raising money for a specific cancer research organization or cancer patient, be sure they know that to give them some extra motivation.

For more tips on having a stress free and successful cancer fund raiser be sure and call one of our fundraising experts at 866-874-8383. They will be more than happy to help you in any way possible.