Of course you want to think of a great church youth fundraising idea, but maybe you're at a loss as to how to get started. You might have gotten all kinds of pointers already from various sources, but when advice starts to be conflicting, you can end up more confused than ever.

Church fundraising does have quite a bit of planning and organization that goes along with it, but that doesn't mean it's all about being serious. In fact, the more fun you can have with the youth group, the more likely your fundraiser is to turn into a success, so it's in your best interest to keep the atmosphere light.

Church youth fundraising often relies on the momentum created by past efforts that have done well. Do you want a fundraiser that you know will rake in the profits based on past records? You really can't go wrong with chocolate. Chocolate fundraisers have been around for many, many years, for the sole reason that they work extremely well. Especially if your church youth fundraising is going to be centered around the kids and their peer group, you can expect a chocolate fundraiser to get the job done.

If you've already tried chocolate too many times and are determined to do something different, we have plenty of other options available for you to try. Have you considered something like pizza cards? Pizza cards are not only popular, they're very easy to sell, and they're even easier for the kids to carry around with them. And pizza cards return up to 90% profits if you can commit to a minimum number of cards, so that's a fantastic deal for both you and your supporters, who will in turn get a 2-for-1 pizza deal at a local restaurant.

Church youth fundraising can really do well with these kinds of ideas, so check out our pizza cards fundraiser and find out if it would work for you.