If your school group doesn't really have enough funds on hand to pay upfront for a school fundraiser, then obviously you'll be wanting to look at some free school fundraisers. The way these fundraisers work is that we send out product brochures to you free of charge, along with all the order forms you'll need to get started. Then you just have your sales team (the kids and their helpers) go around and collect orders from your supporters, and the money comes directly from those orders instead of you. There are many of these types of free school fundraisers to choose from, and we're sure you'll find one that's right for you.

Candles can make a fantastic free school fundraiser, as pretty much everyone loves a scented candle. We have several candle-based free school fundraisers, and with up to 50% profit for your group, you can imagine that these are very popular fundraisers, both with the fundraising groups, and their customers.

Food-based fundraisers are some of the best free fundraisers out there. You may have already heard of such favorites as cookie dough, popcorn, tea and coffee, or pretzels. These are all things that do spectacularly well as free school fundraisers, so check out our brochure fundraisers pages to find out which free school fundraisers have the minimums and shipping arrangements that suit you best.

There is really no end to the kinds of free school fundraisers out there. Calendars, flower bulbs, and even our earth-friendly green fundraisers are all popular choices that require no monetary investment on your part. All you need to bring to the game are your motivation and and your time. With free school fundraisers, you can relax a little, and know that no matter what, you will not be paying out of pocket in order to make some money for your school group. That little bit of reassurance can be just the boost you need to get excited about your school fundraising effort.