Libraries are more in need of funding support than ever, and in order to get that money from the public you will have to show them that the library is there for the things they need, or could be with the adequate support. It's not enough anymore just to have the most fantastic selection of books in good condition; people these days expect libraries to provide everything from internet services to movies they can check out.

If your library is struggling to bring these things to the public, then library fundraisers can be a great way for you to get things moving. Library fundraisers can take all kinds of different forms, but you'll probably want to go with something that will get people into the building itself, so they can see both what is already great about the library, and also what needs to be done to make it better. Just talking about it is one thing, but once people see for themselves the potential that is there, they are more likely to give the kind of support that will make a significant difference in the future of the library.

So how do you get people to come to the library to see what the fuss is all about? One of the best ways is to host some sort of library fundraising event, an open house kind of situation where people can come in and see what's available. If you are advertising in public areas (and of course, you should be!), make sure to mention that families with children are especially welcome. Kids absolutely love libraries and the activities that go along with being at the library - if the parents understand that things like reading hours with children's authors can't happen without funding, they'll be more keen to support your efforts. Sending out a letter to people in the neighborhoods surrounding the library can also make people aware that there's a fantastic library fundraisers event happening near them.