A Flower bulbs fundraiser is an idea that has been around virtually forever. As such, you may perceive this classic fundraising idea as being old or tired or both.

But you might be surprised to learn that flower fundraising is making quite a comeback in recent years. The reason is because of the eco-friendly trends of late. Everyday, more and more people spend their time and effort in ways that will not only serve them, but help the planet, as well.

So, far from being a boring or uninspired choice, it actually might be the smartest idea ever to run a flower bulbs fundraiser emphasizing green living and an earth-friendly lifestyle. A flower bulbs fundraiser is not just for groups who are aiming for a more mature target market.

On the contrary, young people and even kids are taking up gardening as a hobby, both for their own enjoyment, and to help the planet thrive. What better way to get someone started down the path to a wonderful garden than with beautiful flowers?

Our flower bulbs fundraiser brochures feature 24 of the finest and most ornate flowers you can find, and with prices ranging from $5.50 to $20, there are bulbs to fit every budget and every level of skill. That's not to say that participants in a flower bulbs fundraiser need to be expert gardeners.

In fact, even complete beginners can get it right. The bulb brochures come with full planting instructions for each type of bulb, so your supporters can get to grips with the skills that are needed, and make their choices accordingly. And of course, the best part is that your group gets to keep the profits, while having the satisfaction of knowing that your supporters are out there growing flowers they bought during your flower bulbs fundraiser.