How do you know if your children Are Ready For Summer Camp?

Every child is different but for many kids expressing an interest in summer church camp begins after they hear their friends at church talking about the fun they had or are anticipating or have heard it mentioned in their youth group or Sunday school class.

Often your own stories or those of their grandparents or family friends can provide the idea that sparks an interest. Planting the seeds of fun and adventure at summer church camp can be a great remedy for those summer time blues.

Let their friends and peers do the convincing

If your child seems reluctant or uninterested in summer camp and you feel like the experience will benefit them you may want to enlist the help of their friends and peers or even youth group leaders that they look up to.

Stories of past adventure or plans and activities for the upcoming season can be very influential when coming from a source other than their parents. It is often the case that a child will give more weight to the opinion of friend or peer than to a parent when deciding what is or will be fun for them.

Go about seeking out stories and opinions casually and don't push too hard. Let your child come to a decision in their own time.

What about a child who seems reluctant or uninterested in summer camp?