Of course we always like to encourage our children when they show an interest in sports. School sports are a great way for them to stay fit, which can be somewhat of a struggle these days, and as well they learn teamwork and the power of a positive attitude. Unfortunately, school sports cost quite a lot of money, and the school cannot always provide for everything in the budget. School sport fundraising, therefore, is a brilliant idea if your school sport team is feeling the financial crunch and needs a little help.

If you're organizing your school sport fundraising, you'll be looking for a good fundraising idea that is appropriate for your group. Much of what you need depends on your monetary goals and how many people you have working with you. A large group with a lot of selling power can go for a school sport fundraising idea like pretzels, or any of the brochure-based school sport fundraising activities that require higher minimum orders.

A smaller team may want to try a direct sale fundraiser like fundraising pizza cards. Not only do pizza cards have some of the highest school sport fundraising profits around, all the money from your school sport fundraising activity will go directly to your team after you have made the initial investment, and you don't have to worry about things like shipping and distribution.

If you are curious about which school sport fundraising ideas have the best track records, there are always the old classic fundraisers like chocolate bars. Candy fundraising never goes out of style, chocolate is always a favorite with kids and adults alike, and if you can get permission for the team to do their school fundraising on school grounds during breaks and lunch periods... the sky is pretty much the limit for how much you can make with your school sport fundraising.