It's important to encourage kids who take an interest in sports, and swimming is one of the best and most effective ways to keep fit. Swimming is also a great sport for social conditioning, because it teaches the value of independent effort to work toward a team accomplishment.

But the problem is that school swimming teams across the country need to rely on swimming fundraisers in order to help meet costs when the school district simply cannot cover everything in the budget.

So what are some good swimming fundraisers to try? What matters most is the size of your fundraising team, and how much money you need to make. Some fundraising activities can be adapted to work with a variety of groups.

If you have a large fundraising team that you anticipate could make a lot of sales, there's nothing preventing you from doing one of the bigger brochure-based swimming fundraisers, because you should be able to meet the minimum order requirements and qualify for free shipping. If you are raising money for a smaller team or even individual competitors, you will be more concerned about profit levels for swimming fundraisers.

Direct sale fundraisers like scratch cards can work very well for small groups and single athletes, and the profits on scratch cards are through the roof. And with direct sales, any money you make after you purchase your products goes directly to you.

If you're worried about trying something new and just want to stick with swimming fundraisers that have proven themselves year after year, you really cant' go wrong with chocolate. Chocolate fundraising has been a favorite for school fundraisers of all kinds for decades, and if your swim team can get permission to sell the chocolate on school grounds, there's a virtually endless supply of customers there. Not only do the kids love it, but you'll love it, too, when you start seeing the profits rolling in.