Cheerleading groups are feeling the financial crunch just like the rest of us, and anyone who has a cheerleader in the family knows that it's not a cheap sport to get into. Uniforms alone are horrendously expensive, and when you add in travel costs and all the other things associated with competitive cheerleading... well, let's just say it's probably time to start thinking about cheerleading fundraisers.

So what kind of fundraiser should you try?

Candy fundraisers are, of course, the old favorite, and they continue to perform well as cheerleading fundraisers. The best part is, the customer base is always there, and if the kids can get permission to sell the candy bars on school grounds, all the better. You're sure to do well in a middle school or high school with something like chocolate bars.

If you want to try something a little different, though, there are all kinds of other cheerleading fundraising options. Temporary tattoos may sound a bit out-there, but the kids love them, and since they can work as a direct sale fundraiser, once you pay for your order and receive your tattoos, all the profits from your cheerleading fundraiser go directly to the squad. It's simple, and effective.

Even more simple are the scratch card cheerleading fundraisers. These high-profit fundraisers are designed for maximum profit, and work particularly well with small groups. The concept is simple: people scratch off 2 of 50 dots, and are asked to pay the revealed amount as a donation. In return, the donors are given valuable coupons as a thank-you gift.

Larger squads with older kids may do well with something like product brochure cheerleading fundraisers. Whatever you end up choosing, though, check with your fundraiser consultant about shipping fees and order minimums to make sure that you are getting the maximum profit possible out of your cheerleading fundraiser.

And have fun! Making money with cheerleading fundraisers doesn't have to be a chore.

Think of all the stuff the squad will be able to buy when your cheerleading fundraiser is a success!