Children generally start their first fundraising campaign when they are in elementary school, though some may encounter fundraising as early as preschool. This is a very delicate time, as the experiences they have with these first fundraisers will set the tone for all future fundraising activities, all through high school and even college.

If you want them to start down that road on a positive note, fundraising with flowers can be a great way to keep things simple, with a product that is both beautiful and eco-friendly. Your supporters will appreciate being offered beautiful flowers from children who are enthusiastic and having fun.

Flower fundraisers may not seem like the most obvious choice for small children, but a lot depends on what your target market is. If the kids will be heading for their families first, or even around their neighborhoods, then flowers can be a great solution, as your target market will be mostly adults and families.

Everyone loves to beautify their garden, and with a great shift toward more earth-friendly living, so many people are embracing gardening as a way to help the planet and pick up a fun, relaxing hobby in the process. When your team of youngsters comes around fundraising with flowers, everyone will get something good out of the situation.

If you want to have your group try fundraising with flowers, you'll want to get the parents on board, especially if the children are simply too young to do any fundraising on their own. Having strong parental help can be the key to having a successful fundraiser, and it's a great way for the kids and their parents to do something together that's both fun and useful.

Fundraising with flowers covers so many bases, you'll be really glad that you tried it when you see how well it can work.