Library fundraising is so important. Because the library is not associated with the typical fundraising groups ? cheerleading, sports teams, schools, etc ? it is often overlooked, but the funds have to come from somewhere!

Just because library fundraising is not popular does not mean it has to be difficult though. There are lots of fundraising programs available that will help your group raise the money they need!

One program that is perfect for a library fundraiser is the pizza card fundraiser. You sign up a local pizza place in your area using the merchant agreement. Once it is faxed in you call your fundraising consultant and place your order. Once the order is paid for, the cards are sent out and you begin selling. Each card is sold for $10, and the customer has 20 opportunities to get a buy one, get one free pizza deal. The profits are high and the product is solid.

Another useful program is the scratch card fundraiser. You purchase one card for each person in your group. People will participate in the fundraiser by scratching off dots to reveal a dollar amount. After donating the amount that is revealed the cheerleader will then give them a coupon sheet worth over $150 in savings. Each card raises $100 for the library.

If you are trying to avoid paying upfront for fundraising items, then dry cookie dough mix is the way to go! Your fundraising consultant will send you a brochure and collection envelope for each cheerleader. Your squad will pre-sell the cookie dough for $12 and collect the money at the time of the sale. At the end you turn in only a portion of your profits and then pass out the cookie dough once it is delivered.