Are you looking for a great high school fundraiser? Well, you have definitely come to the right place. Easy Fundraising Ideas offers the broadest line of high school fundraising ideas of any fundraising company.

The particular high school fundraiser that you pick will depend on a number of factors that we will try and address for you here. Maybe the single most important thing to consider when you are fundraising for a high school is how much money do you need to raise which is followed very closely in importance by the number of people will you have selling. Another incredibly important thing to consider when trying to narrow down the high school fundraising ideas is are you wanting to sell from a brochure or do you have some money that could be spent up front to buy items to sell.

These three points can help determine exactly which fundraising program is best for your school. For example, if you are part of the Physics Club and there are only 3 people who will be doing the fundraiser, you want to pick a fundraiser with a low minimum order and high profits. Similarly, groups like the Marching Band will want to pick the program that offers the best sales potential and the highest profit.

Groups that have some money to spend upfront have the luxury of receiving higher profit percentages than those offered by brochure based fundraisers. So, if you can afford to do it and need to raise a lot of money, something like a Smencils fundraiser or a Candy fundraiser can make a lot of sense.

Maybe the easiest way to narrow down your choices is to just call one of our High School fundraising experts at 866-874-8383. They can help you find just the right fundraiser, answer all of your questions, and get you started right away over the phone.