Cheerleading is a great sport?.unfortunately it is also an expensive sport. If your squad is looking for a new cheerleading fundraising opportunity, consider the following for your group:

Younger Squads: If your cheerleading squad has lots of young members then it is probably in your best interest to find a direct-sell fundraiser. With a direct-sell, you have the products on hand to sell to your customers. In other words, instead of pre-selling and collecting orders, then passing items out once they are delivered, you hand them their purchase the moment they pay. The benefit is that there is no need to keep track of your customer names and addresses, and most times, direct-sale products, like pizza cards or candy bars have one easy price to remember.

Older Squads: A group of cheerleaders that are older has a huge advantage. Your squad can tackle more complex cheerleading fundraisers. You can use a product brochure that offers lots of different items in a wide range of prices. Your team can keep track of the amounts, the customers, and the money. Cookie dough and candles are a big hit among older cheerleaders.

Big Squads: With lots of people you have the potential to raise lots of money. You can attempt a fundraiser with a high minimum or one that offers the highest profit. Auntie Anne's Pretzels is a great fundraiser for a large group.

Small Squad: You may be down in numbers, but you are far from being out. Even though you may not have a ton of people, you still have a ton of potential. Both the scratch card and pizza card work well for large and small cheerleading fundraisers . The profits are extremely high, and the process is very simple.