If you are one of the people that helps organize school band fundraising efforts, you've probably seen and done just about all the band fundraising ideas out there. You're tired of selling candy, and you'd like to move on to something new that hasn't been done a million times before. But how do you come up with truly different fundraising ideas when you feel like you've already done them all? Here are a couple of suggestions if you think your band fundraisers are not original enough.

Card-based band fundraising ideas can be a great way to do something new, and to give your band fundraiser a personal touch while you're at it. Pizza fundraising cards, for instance, are becoming very popular among bands. You can choose from several well-known national pizza chains, or you can even design custom cards with the name of your group and a local pizza restaurant of your choice. We can make the calls and organize the fundraiser for you if you prefer, and then this will be one of those truly original and new band fundraising ideas that people are sure to love. Pizza discounts are very popular, and with a two-for-one deal like this, it's pretty easy to get it right.

If you want to do something that makes use of today's higher environmental conscience, a green fundraiser is one of those great band fundraising ideas to show your support for sustainable living while giving the community the chance to support your band. There are band fundraising ideas like flower bulbs or the Go Green catalogue fundraiser that will let everyone know about your band's commitment to the environment. The catalogue is filled with environmentally-friendly products that will help every home be a little greener. These are really great fundraising ideas, because they give the community responsible products, while helping the band achieve its goals.