Magazine fundraisers may seem like the oldest fundraising trick in the book. You were doing this fundraiser back when you were a kid in school, and the same old fundraiser is still around now.

But before you dismiss this classic fundraiser as boring or old-fashioned, think about why magazine fundraisers are still around. It's because magazines have never waned in popularity, and no matter where you go, pretty much every office and home around the country has at least one subscription.

If you can offer your supporters their favorite magazines at tremendous savings off the cover price, that's a great way to get some fantastic momentum on a fundraiser that is sure to get you to your financial goals. It may seem surprising that magazine fundraisers would still be relevant in a digital world where so many people get their information online, but for some reason people still love the experience of actually holding a magazine in their hands and flipping through it. There's just no substitute for that, and that's why magazine fundraisers will continue to be popular for as long as people keep buying magazines.

Even the most digitally-minded people still buy magazine subscriptions, even if it's just a title that contains reviews of all their favorite gadgets! Running magazine fundraisers couldn't be easier, and it's great for groups on a budget, because there's no money to be put down upfront.

We will send you all the brochures and order forms you need, and you can go around and collect orders and money for the magazines. Once you finish your order collecting, you can call us with the total number of subscriptions. We then send you a voucher for each subscription, which you distribute to your supporters. They take it from there, and you get to enjoy your magazine fundraisers profits.