Magazine fundraising has been around almost as long as the modern fundraising itself.

Magazines seem like such an obvious choice. After all, how many homes or offices can you think of that don't have a single magazine subscription? Even in this increasingly digital age, there are new magazines coming out all the time, because people just can't seem to get enough.

This is great news for you if you're thinking about doing some magazine fundraising, because you can offer significant discounts to your supporters while helping your group meet its monetary targets. Everyone wins.

Our Parade of Magazines fundraiser is magazine fundraising at it's simplest and most effective. The concept is not rocket science: you have a brochure with 80 of the top-selling magazine titles available, and people choose the ones they want. When they see the prices, they may even decide on more than one subscription - the prices are only $15 or $20 apiece!

After you have collected the money for your orders, you simply place an order with us, and we send you vouchers for the subscriptions. All your supporters have to do then is fill out the postage paid voucher, and drop it in the mail. In about six weeks' time, they can begin enjoying their magazines. Magazine fundraising couldn't be more straightforward. Your supporters can even use your magazine fundraising as a way to renew their existing subscriptions, or to give someone in their family a gift.

The vouchers allow for different situations, so there's something for everyone. The best part about magazine fundraising is that there's no money required upfront, which is great for groups where budgeting is a concern. The shipping of the vouchers is free, as are the order forms and color brochures you will need to get started. There really isn't a better way to do magazine fundraising!