Magazine sales fundraiser ideas are not new, but there are some new ways you can implement them. That's not to say that the classic ideas have disappeared - they're certainly still around.

But the difference now is that you have a choice in how you want to proceed once you've decided to go with a magazine fundraiser, and whichever option you choose depends on your team's preferences of how they like to market the product, what you think your supporters will respond to better, and how much you want to involve technology in your fundraising effort.

The classic magazine sales fundraiser ideas are still around, and basically that involves your fundraising team going around, either to family and friends or door to door, and helping your supporters buy or renew their favorite magazine subscriptions.

Our Parade of Magazines fundraiser has no fewer than 80 of the most popular titles at any given time, and so your supporters will be able to choose whatever magazines appeal to them. The benefit of these kinds of magazine fundraiser ideas is that your supporters don't have to sign up for anything on the internet, they don't even have to have a computer, and you get more personal interaction with the people you're marketing to.

If you're the kind of group that thinks you would do better with something a bit more technologically advanced, there's always online magazine sales fundraiser ideas to help you along. These high-profit fundraising ideas potentially have a lot more audience capacity, as you can reach out online to friends, family, and even your social networks.

This works well if you expect that your supporters are online and wouldn't have any reservations about supporting your cause via the internet. So you have to weigh up your options, and choose the magazine sales fundraiser idea that you feel fits you best.