School is tough. Homework is hard. Parents are out of touch. Then there is baseball.

Being a teenager is hard. It can be a chore to get excited about something when everything else seems to be going against you. Sports is not just an activity, it can be an escape. Adding fundraising to the game though, begins to make it a chore again. So is it worth the risk?

Yes. baseball fundraising is necessary. As much as we would like to get by without it, there are just too many expenses. But fundraisers do not have to be boring or hard to do. Once you have chosen a good fundraiser the key to making it a success it getting the kids excited about it.

When you present the baseball fundraiser idea to your team make sure you make it sound worth while and fun. Obviously they would rather be out hitting home runs than selling cookie dough throughout their neighborhood, but if you explain that they may not have a home plate to stand on without that money, then it might get their attention.

Throughout the fundraiser, make sure you encourage the players to keep going, sell as many items as possible. Make it a challenge. You can have a contest between players to see who goes to bat first at the next game, or who does NOT have to run laps at the next practice. Give them something to work toward.

Being a teenager is not usually fun. There are too many other things that bring kids down ? don?t let your baseball fundraiser be one of them. Keep baseball fun by having a simple, easy fundraiser.