On the surface, student council fundraising may seem like a breeze.

For one thing, you've got a great team of energetic, motivated students on your side. These are exactly the kind of people who know how to get things done, and who have the drive to do whatever it takes to succeed.

After all, that's exactly why they got elected! They also hold a position of authority within the student body, and that carries some weight as well.

Still, you may find that organizing student council fundraising can be complex, as there are a lot of things to plan and a lot of people to get on the same page. If possible, if you have the human resources to do it, you'll want to go big and do a pre sale fundraiser.

These work well for larger groups of enthusiastic fundraising teams who have a decent amount of selling power. There is no money to put down up front - we send you everything you need to get started. You'll get a product brochure and order forms for each person on your team, and all the instructions to help get your student council fundraising activity running. After that, it's all up to the students and their energy.

When the orders come in, all you have to do is settle up for the balance on the products ordered, and we'll send those out to you for distribution. This can be the most fun part, because the students get to play Santa Claus in a way, and see how their student council fundraising benefits everyone, not just them.

All the profit goes to the student council, and your supporters get to enjoy the things they've ordered. Everyone wins! For these and other types of student council fundraising ideas, have a look at our pages for school-based fundraisers, and get inspired!