If your school is struggling to come up with the funds for supplies, new equipment, or perhaps a school trip, it's time to start thinking about a Christian school fundraiser. Fundraisers can cover a variety of situations, and with the right amount of research and finding the perfect ideas, you can organize a Christian fundraiser that will help you reach all your monetary goals, and then some.

A Christian school fundraiser can be a challenge in more ways than one. A lot of people may not understand why there is a need for a fundraiser in the first place. They may assume that all the money for everything the school needs comes from tuition fees. But the truth is, costs are always rising, as are tuition fees, and to keep the fees from preventing some students from attending a Christian school, a fundraiser is needed to offset some of the costs.

The good news is that a lot of people will support a school fundraising idea simply because they want to help any organization that is contributing to the development of well-adjusted children. People like to help kids, that's no secret, and so there are a lot of benefits to running a Christian school fundraising campaign that other organizations might not automatically have.

The main point behind a fundraiser, besides profits of course, is bringing the school together as a whole and having fun in the context of an appropriate activity. We have so many fundraising ideas to help you out, you can pretty much choose anything you want. One very popular and successful idea is our Journey of Faith candle fundraiser, which combines all the benefits of fundraising with an activity that helps glorify God. The candles bear messages based on scripture, and what better way to show the community the things that your school is dedicated to?