When it gets to be that time to start thinking of high school sports fundraising ideas, obviously the most pressing concern is to make as much money as possible, and to reach that goal as quickly and as easily as you can. There are all kinds of ways to run a sports fundraising effort, but if you do some planning and organizing ahead of time, you can make sure to maximize your profits and your enjoyment of the process.

If you are looking for high-profit high school fundraising ideas that will get you to your goals quickly, scratch card fundraisers can work really well for you. Your supporters will scratch off 2 of 50 covered dots on the card, and the amount they uncover is the suggested donation amount, though people often choose to round the number up and donate more. In exchange for their generosity, they receive a sheet of valuable coupons for their own use. The profits can soar up to 90% for this high school fundraising idea, so it's worth having a look at it.

The Parade of Magazines is another one of our high school sports fundraising ideas that can help you reach your targets quickly and efficiently. These work particularly well for two reasons. One, magazines never go out of style, and everyone loves them, whether for their home or their office. Two, this is one of our brochure-based fundraising ideas, so you don't have to put any more down upfront. A lot of people like these kinds of high school sports fundraising ideas because there is no risk for them.

Regardless of what kind of high school sports fundraising ideas you are looking for, we have the answers for you. Have a look through our high school sports fundraising ideas pages to get some great ideas for the fundraiser that will take you straight to and beyond your goals.