When the time of year comes around (as it always does) to start thinking of school fundraising ideas, clearly the thing you're most concerned with is profit and how quickly you can reach the goal you have set for yourself. There are many paths to school fundraising, but if you get the right school fundraising ideas on your palette at the beginning, you can really maximize your profits and have fun in the process.

One of the best ideas for school fundraising is the Parade of Magazines fundraiser. Magazines never stop being popular, and with a choice of 80 top magazines (from Glamour to Popular Science and everything in between) at huge discounts off the cover price, it's hard to go wrong with this one. The Parade of Magazines is a pre-sell fundraiser, as well, so it's one of the best school fundraising ideas if you're concerned about putting down money upfront, as there's no initial investment involved.

Discount cards, like our ever popular pizza cards, for example, are great school fundraising ideas if your main worry is maximum profit. Pizza cards sell at a very reasonable price of $10 each, and if you can commit to selling 1,000 or more, then 90% of the profits go directly to the school. And pizza cards are great for your supporters, as well - there's a two-for one pizza deal in it for them, so everyone benefits.

Scratch cards are in the same family of card-based school fundraising ideas, but the concept behind them is slightly different. Your supporters will scratch of 2 of 50 covered dots on the card (just like a regular scratch card), and the amount they uncover is the amount they are suggested to donate (though they can always choose to donate more!). In exchange, they get a sheet of valuable coupons as a gesture of thanks. Again, the profits can be up to 90% for school fundraising ideas like this one, so that's definitely something to look into.