You may never give your next meal a second thought. But that is not true for many senior citizens. One of the most rewarding things you might do this fall is to get your group together and hold a Meals on Wheels fundraiser to raise money to donate to Meals on Wheels.

Meals on Wheels delivers meals to senior citizens who are unable to provide adequate meals for themselves. The problem is larger than most people understand. The need is even greater at this time of year. By the end of the year people are running out of money and many charitable organizations compete for the donations still available.

Meals on Wheels like many other organizations struggles at year end to meet its needs. Imagine how grateful seniors in your neighborhood would be to know that you and your group are willing to spend your time and effort holding a Meals on Wheels fundraiser to raise money specifically for them.

You can choose any of the traditional fundraisers like cookie dough fundraising, candy fundraising or even flower bulb fundraisers. How you raise the money is not as important as just helping out those that need you the most. A Meals on Wheels fundraiser would be a great learning experience for young children who can be taught that it is important to help others. You will find great support within your community when they see the effort you are willing to exert.