The Methodist Church is known for its community service outreach. If there is a need in their local area, the church can be counted on for manpower and aid. However, sometimes those needs require financial resources not in the church budget and that starts the Methodist Church fundraiser planning session.

Church fundraisers are certainly no uncommon. In fact, churches technically rely on fundraising for all their financial resources. Much of that money is collected through tithing. Certainly the greatest part of operating budgets and missions donations should come from that source of money. But when it comes to community out reach and other charitable works, many churches hold additional fundraisers to get working capital.

We suggest to all church groups that they begin any fundraising campaign by distributing a letter explaining that a fundraiser will need to be held and explain the reason that money needs to be raised. Armed with that information get the folks together who need to raise the money and brain storm different fundraising options they suggest. If you plan in this manner the people working with you will take greater ownership in the project because they have had some input in the decision making.

Depending on the idea pool that is discussed, you will hopefully have at least one suggestion that the group agrees sounds best to them. Narrow down the list of possibilities to two or three and have the group vote on it. Of course you need to limit the amount of time discussing the fundraising options.

We have found that it is more important to have motivated participants who want to raise money than it is to choose a particular product. Many groups wonder why their Methodist church fundraiser does not deliver the required results. When they review what they have done, though, they often find there was no team work in determining how to raise the money.

Two identical groups can hold identical fundraisers and get completely opposite results. The difference is ALWAYS the attitude of the participants.

If your need to hold a Methodist Church fundraiser, start with a meeting of the minds, get consensus from your group and watch your fundraising results skyrocket.