Middle school students walk a fine line between child and teenager; a line that is still easily manipulative but on the verge of rebellion. The key is to appeal to their childlike need for approval and excitement.

When you start a fundraiser for kids, you have to make it the biggest, best, most exciting thing in the whole world?the same goes for middle school students. The teenage apathy has not yet set in, so by presenting your middle school fundraiser in a fun and exciting way you have a great chance of getting lots of eager participation.

As you are presenting the middle school fundraising ideas, make sure to let the students know how beneficial the fundraiser is going to be ? let them in on what the money will be used for. When they understand that the money they raise by selling cookie dough or coffee is going to towards field trips, end of the year parties or new sports equipment, they are more likely to help out.

You also have to let them know, or at least think, that you are excited about what this fundraiser has in store. When you are presenting the idea to them, smile, highlight the main points, and be encouraging. Let them know that not only are you counting on them, but that you KNOW they can succeed. The more motivated the group is, the more money you will raise.

Middle school fundraising can be a challenge, but with the right attitude and approach, it does not have to be!