Missions trip fundraising is a complicated undertaking, even for small groups, and even if you're just planning the simplest of trips. The fact is, there are still travel expenses to arrange, and daily living costs to think about. Plus, the list of missionaries doesn't always stay constant - some people may have to drop out of the trip, while others may decide that they are able to go after all.

In the midst of all the chaos, you have still got to organize some missions trip fundraising that will help get this trip off the ground. The preparation for missions trip fundraisers can be just as important as the fundraising activity itself. You have to know what sort of target you are aiming for before you will have any chance of hitting it.

A meeting is a great way to get everyone on the same page, and to finalize some things regarding expectations and what everyone wants to do. You'll also want to talk extensively about exactly how much money is needed, so that your missionaries have a specific missions trip fundraising goal to work for, and they can see how well they're progressing.

Write as many details down as you can, and get as much settled at this initial meeting as possible. Then of course it's time to look at some missions trip fundraising activities and products that could work well for the goals you have set, and for the group you have. A lot of small groups like to go with high profit ideas like scratch cards. Our missions trip fundraising scratch cards work really well for groups that need to make a decent amount of money in a short time, and with profits of up to 90%, this can really work out well if you have a small group that needs a fundraising boost.