The key to a successful fundraiser is a motivated seller. One would naturally assume that a cheerleading squad would be motivated to do just about anything. But fundraising is a different monster. Nobody likes the idea of having to raise money. So what is your motivation? How do you keep spirits up? How do you convince them to be happy about raising money through a cheerleading fundraiser?

One of the biggest motivators for fundraising is know WHY you are doing what you are doing. Before you ever start a cheerleading fundraising program, let your squad know why you are trying to raise money. Give them a run-down of all the expenses for the year; uniforms, shoes, accessories, pom-poms, travel fees, practice space fees ? whatever it is that is eating away at your budget. Of course, another sure-fire motivator is telling them the alternative to fundraising: out-of-pocket expense.

A great way to pump up the excitement is also by letting your team help you choose the fundraiser. When the people who are doing the fundraiser get to see what else is out there, it is easier for them to see the clear benefits of the program you are doing. Let them have a little bit of ownership by getting involved in the decision making process.

Being enthusiastic is also a big help with motivating. Just like cheerleading itself ? if you are excited the fans are excited. Nobody wants a grumpy cheerleader; and nobody wants a grumpy fundraising coordinator. Let everyone know how excited you are about this cheerleading fundraising. During the process keep spirits up and encourage your squad to keep doing their best. And no matter what they turn in, be proud of them.