It's no secret that when budgets get cut at educational institutions, usually it's the arts that are the first to go, and that means in hard economic times, school music programs are pretty much constantly in jeopardy.

But parents and teachers know that these arts programs are more than just extracurricular fun - they help children develop important skills, both practical and social, that will help them become more well-adjusted and well-rounded people. So if you you want to do the best you can to save your school's music program, you'll need some music fundraising ideas that will really help bring in the cash that will keep everything running smoothly.

Music fundraising ideas are sometimes tricky to come up with, because music is not the most inexpensive activity there is. The cost of instruments alone is astronomical, and music groups always need fresh supplies and even uniforms and transport costs. If they are lucky enough to be on the competition circuit, as well, then your music group will also need the money to cover entrance fees. It adds up very quickly, so it's important to get your head clear about which music fundraising ideas will help you out the most.

If you have a big music department, and a lot of students and volunteers, you can go all-out and do a big fundraiser like pretzel fundraiser, for example. These are the kinds of music fundraisers that only work well for big groups, so you might as well take advantage.

If you do have a smaller group, though, you shouldn't be worried, because there are plenty of options out there for you, as well. Scratch cards and other card-based fundraisers are very easy to implement, and they bring in the highest profits of any fundraisers out there. For small groups, this is welcome news, and you should take advantage of the kinds of music fundraising ideas that give you all the help you need.