The dollar amount for the financing given for school athletics is an ever-decreasing amount. Over the years the amount of money given to school districts by the states for such things as their football program, baseball program, basketball program, volleyball or softball program, has decreased by an alarming number. By no means is this the way things should be. For years now, this lowering number has been helped by the booster club methods of handling the finances for the organization.

Booster clubs, in many cases, a saving grace to the coaches, have developed methods of keeping the ?pocket book?, so to speak, of the activity at or above float. One of the ways is by taking complete control of the extra funding for the activity. Activity is said, because booster clubs are not only for sports, but also have been organized for such organizations as the JROTC and foreign language clubs. Here, we will focus primarily on the booster clubs organized for the sports organizations.

In other words, Boost Club Fundraisers become a critical element.

Without extra funding for the athletic departments, the students/players would be wearing the same uniforms year after year. Fundraising is a key factor in the methods developed by the booster clubs to keep things ?new?. Every year teams, whether it is football, baseball or volleyball, want to sport a new uniform and not have to wear hand me downs from the year before. The fundraising booster clubs do help to make this happen.

The booster clubs organize and implement the fundraisers done by the teams. Booster club meetings are held to discuss the methods in which they are to raise the extra money needed for the organization. Some methods that have been used include selling t-shirts, novelties, and holding cookouts. Cookouts are a great way to raise money for it brings the team and the community together for a good cause. Other methods of raising money such as selling cookie dough and candy should never be left out. They are always sure sellers.

The booster club fundraising methods of conducting business are as strict as ever. Since the booster club generally consists of parents of children on the teams, they do everything possible to provide the best for the organization. There are bylaws that the booster clubs have to follow, in turn, making sure that all methods of conducting business are carried out as they should, resulting in the best for the children.