If you are quite experienced at sports fundraisers, then you already know how boring they can get after a while. So now that it's your turn to take charge of the sports fundraisers in your school, you probably want to try something new and different. Many sports fundraisers stay the same year after year because they work well, but of course there's nothing stopping you from trying out some additional sports fundraisers next to your tried and tested favorites.

With catalogue fundraisers, you know what you're getting... or do you? Our green catalogue fundraiser seems on the surface to run like other sports fundraisers, and it does, but with one main difference: all the products involved with this unique sports fundraiser are connected with helping the environment or going green. Most consumers these days are increasingly environmentally conscious, so this is a good way to help your school out while running a sports fundraiser that helps the earth out, as well.

Another classic fundraiser is sweet snacks, but have you thought about maybe doing cookie dough instead of candy bars this year? Cookie dough is one of the pre-sell sports fundraisers, so it's a slightly different thing from the chocolate, but cookie dough is very popular, and comes in several different varieties. As sports fundraisers go, it tends to perform very well, and you can see some pretty high profits coming in off a cookie dough sports fundraiser.

Pizza cards can be a great way for smaller groups to see the highest profits possible for sports fundraisers. Not only do your supporters get a great 2-for-1 deal on pizzas, but you can make up to 90% on the sales, and since it is a direct sale fundraiser, after your initial investment all the money from these lucrative sports fundraisers goes directly to your team. Have a look through our sports fundraisers pages, and discover which of these great sports fundraisers will work best for you.