If you have previous experience coming up with fundraising ideas for youth, then you already know how things can start to look very similar year after year.? When it becomes your turn to plan and organize, you might be looking for some new and fresh ideas.? Often the reason that people stick with their old ideas is because the old ideas have been proven to work well, but that doesn't mean you can't branch out and do something different anyway, especially in addition to the fundraising ideas for youth that you already know work.

You probably think cataloges are pass?, but you'd be surprised at what sort of options you have these days.? Our Go Green fundraiser makes use of the public's desire to have environmentally friendly products in their home, and all the products concentrate on helping households go green.? This can be a fantastic fundraiser, especially if your fundraising team plans to be out and about in the community, going door to door.

Sweet snacks are always a perennial favorite, but there are other ideas out there aside from just candy fundraisers.? Cookie dough fundraising is a presell, so it doesn't quite work in the same way that the chocolate bars do, but there are many different varieties, and people love choosing their favorites and ordering them.? Cookie dough does tends to perform very well as fundraising ideas for youth go, and this can result in impressive profits for your group.

Discount cards can be a fantastic way for smaller groups to take advantage of one of the easiest fundraising ideas for youth, while still bringing in profits of up to 90%.? Your supporters can get fantastic deals at their favorite retailers, the retailers themselves get advertising, and your group benefits from the profits on the cards.? If you think these sorts of fundraising ideas for youth might be for you, take a look through our different types of card-based fundraisers, and choose the one that is most appropriate for your situation.