I would imagine that, if you really sat down and thought about it, you would be hard pressed to find any youth group, of any kind, that does not participate in some kind of fundraising program.

From school fundraisers to sports team fundraisers to church fundraisers, it seems like every kid is out trying to sell something. Typically that something will be a something that falls into the category of traditional fundraising products and this is especially true of school fundraising programs.

Schools often fall into the routine of doing the same fundraiser year after year after year and that can lead to sagging sales for a number of reasons. Primarily, the people you are selling to have bought those items in the past and will often still have some left from when you did the fundraiser last year (who doesn't have some old frozen cookie dough in the freezer that they bought from the neighborhood kids?). But now people have started looking for new school fundraising ideas.

They realize that by doing a unique program they reduce the amount of competition they face for the increasingly difficult to get fundraising dollars. The interesting part of finding a successful new fundraising idea is finding a program that has good products.

There are more 'unique fundraising ideas' out there that just don't work than we have time to discuss in this article. But there are also some terrific new ideas that you can use to your benefit.