Is your squad tired of doing the same fundraiser over and over, each year? Well there is a new cheerleading fundraiser available that will help you raise lots of money for new uniforms, travel fees, and any other type of expense you might face.

Money savings cards are the newest fundraising program. A money savings card is exactly what it sounds like; a card designed to help your customers save money while shopping online. On the back of each card your customers will find a username and password to use to login to the featured website. Once they have logged in, they are officially members of the savings club. They will receive discounts and coupons at all their favorite online stores. Your group sells each card for only $10, and you keep the rest!

What makes this cheerleading fundraising idea better than any other? With this fundraiser your squad will be avoiding the pitfalls of many other fundraising programs. Selling food items, though popular, can be tricky with different delivery times, and the need for freezer space. When you just sell the card, there is no need to worry about anything spoiling before you deliver it. There is also no follow up encounter required with your customer.

Another great feature with money savings cards is that there is no expiration date. Customers can continue using their membership as long as they choose, and you can keep selling them. The best part about the card is that there is no location limitation. With most fundraisers, you are limited to selling within a certain area. Whether it is food that needs to be refrigerated until pick-up or pizza cards that only work in a certain area, your squad is limited to selling to the same customers. Money savings cards allow you to sell to anyone in the United States ? out of town friends and relatives can enjoy the benefit of the savings, and your squad will make more money with your cheerleading fundraiser.