Have you heard about Online Fundraising Malls and wondered if they would work for your group?

Online fundraising malls are relatively new to the fundraising industry but the concept is so simple it does not make sense for every group to own one. Here's why:

1. Most people shop online. The odds are you do and most of your friends and family do too. So why not get paid when you and your friends simply do what you would have done any way. Think about it. No one has to anything different than they currently are doing them. They shop at their favorite stores and those stores pay you a commission for getting the shopper to the store.

2. There is no cost to build a fundraising mall.

3. There are hundreds and hundreds of stores in these malls including most of the major national retailers people shop at all the time.

So how do they work?

The mall stores are willing to pay you to bring them buyers that buy stuff. They are used to paying for advertisements that don't really guarantee them anything. Think how much more they'd pay if they knew that everyone reading their ads became buyers. While everyone who shops in your mall obviously won't buy something. The store won't pay you anything unless someone does.

It is much more cost effective advertising. The systems are automatic. Tracking cookies are set when people click on links in your mall so the stores know where the shoppers come from. You get credit when they buy.

There is no reason everyone shouldn't own a free online fundraising mall to supplement any other fundraising efforts they hold.