Mission trip fundraising is both fun and rewarding. The missionaries have their trip to look forward to, and this always turns them into an enthusiastic and determined fundraising team. Attitude is everything in fundraising, but it is also essential that you thoroughly research your options for mission trip fundraisers so that you choose an activity that suits your group well and maximizes income.

No one wants to think they are wasting time or profits with their fundraiser, so it pays to know what is available, and which mission trip fundraising ideas will work best to get your team of missionaries on its way in record time.

Basically there are two types of fundraisers you'll want to consider, and it should become easily clear which one is for you. Pre-sale fundraisers work really well for medium to large mission trip fundraising groups with more selling power. You order your brochures and order forms, which we send to you for free, and you take orders from people in the congregation or the general community, and collect the money. There is no upfront cost to you. You place your orders with us at the end of the fundraiser, and we send you the products, which you then distribute to your supporters.

With direct sale fundraisers, on the other hand, you do pay for your products in advance, but the good news is that once you get out there selling them, you keep all the profit. These can work well for small groups of missionaries, or even individuals, because the minimum orders tend to be very low, and the profit margins very high.

So if your mission trip fundraising is on a smaller scale, a direct sale fundraiser may work better for you.

Have a look at our pages of mission trip fundraising ideas to see what choices are available - we know you'll find something there that will suit your group and its mission.