If you are organizing a Catholic church fundraising effort, you probably have no idea of the full scale of possibilities available. One of the best choices is to have some sort of Catholic church fundraising event, possibly some kind of talent show, or maybe a church carnival. But you must not make the mistake of relying only on ticket prices for your church fundraiser - there are a whole range of supplementary fundraising ideas out there, so of course you should take full advantage of that by organizing some extra Catholic church fundraising activities in addition to whatever the main event is.

Make sure that your event is such that people will have an intermission, or some sort of opportunity to get up and mingle. Not only will this give the audience a chance to stretch their legs and walk around a little, it's also a great time for you to bring your supplementary Catholic church fundraising ideas to the center of attention. Of course you'll want to serve drinks and snacks, but how about some other fundraisers, as well? It's not difficult to set up a table or booth with chocolate bars, or to have members of your organization walking around with Christian themed fundraising scratch cards.

Direct sale fundraisers will probably be your best bet for Catholic church fundraising at an event, and we have such a wide variety of direct sale fundraising ideas that you can have quite a few things going at the same time. When there's many different Catholic church fundraisers to choose from, most people will buy at least something, and some may even go for two or more items. Many of our direct sale Catholic church fundraising ideas involve products that have very low selling prices, so that makes it easier to convince people to buy multiple items.