So it's your turn to be in charge of organizing this year's fundraising effort, and everyone around you is shouting that they want to sell cookies this time. It makes perfect sense, too - cookies are forever popular, they never go out of style, and they're the perfect treat for all age groups.

But if you want to have a cookie fundraiser that will help you reach your monetary goals and keep your stress level to a minimum, you'll want to get started now and stay as organized as possible. Most groups underestimate how important it is to get everything lined up before they ever go out to sell products.

It's tempting to say, "well, we need as much money as possible, so let's just try our best," but honestly that's the fastest way to set your group up for failure. They say that if you aim for nothing, you will certainly hit it, so make sure you have a well-defined target to aim for. Figure out what sort of dollar amount you hope to achieve with your cookie dough fundraiser, and choose your fundraising idea accordingly. Some fundraisers work really well for large groups, while others are more geared toward small groups who need high profit margins and low shipping costs.

Cookie fundraisers are pre-sell fundraising ideas, so if you have a large group, you should probably designate someone to be in charge of overseeing orders. Things can get chaotic quickly with a cookie fundraiser, but if you have one person whose entire job is to make sure that the orders and money intake are running smoothly, it can alleviate a lot of anxiety. When it comes time to place the order, you can go to that delegated person if you have any questions, and it makes everything a lot easier.