If you are looking for an appropriate Christian school fundraiser, you have come to the right place. Christian schools have additional concerns over public schools, because aside from all the regular goals of making money and supporting the school, you also want the kids to be involved in an activity that magnifies the glory of God. You want them to understand that everything they do is a reflection of their Christian faith, and we car help you choose a Christian school fundraiser that will accomplish all that and more.

One of the most popular Christian school fundraising ideas is the Journey to Faith Candles fundraiser. With this pre-sell Christian school fundraiser you simply order your free brochures, send the kids out to collect orders and money, and then we will ship your beautiful candles out to you. Your group can make a 50% profit from this Christian school fundraiser, and best of all, it is a very appropriate fundraiser for a faith-based school because all the candles are based on themes from scripture.

You can also make a good amount of money in an appropriate way with Christian scratch cards. This is a fantastic direct sale opportunity in which your supporters will scratch of 2 of 50 covered dots on the card, and then that will be the suggested amount of their donation (of course, they can always donate more if they wish!). Scratch cards are a great Christian school fundraiser for small groups, because they return some of the highest profits of any fundraiser - up to 90%. Also, shipping on the cards is free, so if you have a modest size group looking for a high-profit Christian school fundraiser, this may be perfect for you.

Check out our other Christian school fundraisers for even more inspired ideas - we have an appropriate Christian school fundraiser for your group, no matter what the size of the group is, or how much money you need to raise.