Organization is one of the most important parts of any fundraising experience, and yet it's the one people most often brush over or avoid entirely. Skimping on your fundraiser preparation can end up making more work for you in the end, especially when orders start coming in and you have no idea how much more you need to do, or even how much money you need to make.

Flower bulbs are such a hot idea right now, and with people heading toward a more earth-friendly lifestyle, flower bulb fundraising is enjoying a great surge in popularity. But for you to take full advantage of everything flower bulb fundraising has to offer, you'll need to do a little administrative work first. It's most important to understand what level of money you're trying to make with flower bulb fundraising.

So many groups just assume that they want to make "as much as possible," and so they suffer from lack of a clear target. Figuring out exactly how much money you need can be scary, but once you know the number, you'll be able to aim for something concrete, which will help your efforts tremendously.

Flower bulb fundraising depends a lot on individual effort, so you'll want to count up the number of people on your fundraising team, and have a meeting with them to get the point across that each person will have to do their part. It's not very difficult to put in the required amount of effort, as these beautiful flowers practically sell themselves.

We provide all the brochures and order forms for flower bulb fundraising, so all you have to do is get your fundraising team fired up about the task ahead. Once you have collected all your orders and money, simply report back to us, and we'll get your bulbs shipped out to you as soon as possible.