If your church or organization is planning on having a fundraiser for a mission trip, you're probably already aware that this is one of the most important fundraisers you will ever have.

Taking the work and word of Christ out to the word in the context of a mission trip is a rewarding and enriching experience for everyone involved, and you don't want to let something like a shortage of money get in the way of the good work you want to go out there and do.

If your missionaries are already excited about the prospect of travel, that's a great start for fundraisers for mission trips. But although attitude is important, there's still some organizing and planning to do if you want the best result possible. Knowing what your goal is, is the most essential part of reaching it. Exactly how much money do you need? Having a specific target gives your fundraising team something to aim for, a goal that seems real to them.

If mission trip fundraisers only have the goal of making "as much as possible," the focus is lost, and the drive to succeed not as strong. So add up those travel expenses and daily costs, and that will help your fundraising ideas have a tangible target. Once you know how much you need, you can start looking at some fundraisers for mission trips that fit your goals and the needs of your group.

Mission trip scratch cards can work really well for small to medium sized groups that need a high profit margin. Larger groups can do things like candles or cookie dough. Have a look through our fundraisers for mission trips, and see what sorts of products or activities will fit the monetary targets you have in mind, while fulfilling the needs and desires of your group.