If your child plays hockey, you can rest assured that at some point the team will be involved in hockey fundraisers.

It's an expensive sport to play, both for the teams, and for the individual members. You may even be asked at some point to organize one of the fundraising activities, and if this is the position you are in now, then it's time to get started, as soon as possible. So many people underestimate the amount of planning and organizing involved with hockey fundraisers. It's tempting to think of it as just going out and selling stuff, and of course there is that aspect, but do you even know what you're working toward?

Having a clear goal is the first major step toward achieving that goal, so sit down with a notebook and pen and figure out exactly how much your team needs to make to stay afloat.

You'll want to get the kids involved as soon as possible, as they will likely form the bulk of your hockey fundraisers sales team, and their attitude and energy means everything. They don't need to know all the gritty details about dollar amounts and how expensive their equipment actually is, but it helps their motivation level if they understand that their efforts with the fundraiser will have a direct effect on whether or not they'll be able to get those cool new uniforms, and whether they'll be able to travel for away games.

Once you have a group of excited youngsters on your hands, the rest happens pretty easily.

Choosing suitable hockey fundraising ideas is a breeze if you just have a look at our hockey fundraiser pages. We can help you match your team and situation up with the perfect fundraising activity that will help you meet your goals, regardless of how small or large they may be.