Having kids in the orchestra is great fun, both for them and for you. Children and teens who participate in music programs learn a lot about self-discipline, confidence, and teamwork, and you get to enjoy the results of them honing their musical skills.

But, of course, when schools start initiating budget cuts, which they always do, music and arts programs are always the first to get the ax. This can be very disappointing for those who get great enjoyment from playing in the orchestra.

Orchestra fundraisers have become the default way for orchestras to get back on financial track and keep their heads above water. If you are trying to organize orchestra fundraisers for your school, it's pretty easy to get started, but you do have to buckle down and get organized.

Step one is to sit down with a notebook and pen and crunch some numbers. Exactly how much money does the orchestra need each year? How much of that is provided by the school budget? If you can know exactly what you're aiming for, hitting the target is a lot easier. Set personal goals for each member of your orchestra fundraisers team, by dividing your total monetary goal by the number of people you have.

Choosing appropriate orchestra fundraisers is a matter of considering the size of your group, and the kind of goals you have. Smaller groups will want to stick with low-minimum fundraisers that are high on profit, as you want to make the most of your fundraising effort.

Larger groups have some other options, and might choose to do big catalogue fundraisers where the minimums might be a bit higher. We have all kinds of orchestra fundraisers for fundraising teams of all shapes and sizes, so have a look and see which is the right type of activity for you before making a final decision.