Public school fundraisers can be great fun, but they also require a lot of organization. Sometimes this can translate into anxiety and stress for you if you're in charge of making sure everyone does their job, but if you start from the beginning with a strong foundation of solid organization, you'll be on the road to success before you know it.

Public school fundraisers have an advantage because they are usually the largest fundraisers, as public schools are often larger than their private counterparts. This means that there is an unlimited range of public school fundraiser ideas available to you, but of course you need to choose your public school fundraiser wisely.

It might be best to start with a meeting of all the organizers. Perhaps this is the PTA or some other school-supporting group, or maybe you are a group that has been specifically assembled for the purpose of running the public school fundraiser. Either way, getting everyone together to talk can open up the lines of communication, and you can make clear to the group exactly what needs to be done. Then the floor can be opened for suggestions of which public school fundraiser to choose.

Large groups can go with just about any public school fundraiser they want, but it makes sense to take advantage of public school fundraisers that would not make sense for smaller groups. Many of the catalogue-based fundraisers have high minimum order requirements or minimums for free shipping, but of course if you have a large group your selling power will be quite high, which means these minimums won't be a problem for you. Smaller groups will need to be a bit more careful about which public school fundraiser they choose. Something like scratch cards can work really well, because the profits are high (up to 90%), and there are very low minimums. Take a look through our public school fundraiser pages, and you will quickly get an idea of what sorts of fundraisers will be perfect for your group and its goals.