Two of the things you have on your side with youth sports fundraisers are that people love sports, and people love to help anything that will support children. So use these things to your advantage, as a way to keep morale high and the fundraising team motivated.

As for the practical aspects, you'll need to choose the kind of fundraiser that will match your team's monetary goals. If you have a small group that needs some high profits, for example, you'll want to stick with something like scratch cards, which can return profits of up to 90%. It all depends on which kinds of youth fundraisers you like, and what will help you get where you want to be.

Your supporters are of utmost importance to fundraisers, because of course it's their money that you're hoping will give the team the support it needs. So when you're choosing an activity or product, keep your customers in mind. It doesn't make sense to go with coffee or tea if the great majority of your supporters are going to be school children; likewise, you wouldn't want to go out into the community at large armed only with a box of lollipops.

So although the kids may want to sell candy and nothing else, make sure you tailor your youth sports fundraisers around the people who will be spending their money helping you reach your goals.

Whatever you choose, keep the kids excited. Youth sports fundraisers can be a lot of fun if the kids are enthusiastic about what they're doing. Make sure they understand that this fundraiser is going to help them have those great new uniforms, or new equipment. If they understand how the fundraiser will benefit them directly, they're a lot more likely to be on board with it, and in turn your youth sports fundraisers are a lot more likely to be successful.