Pencil fundraising might not sound exciting. But don't jump to conclusions.

There is a new pencil fundraiser that elementary school age kids will love and you will make tons of money at the same time.

You need to try a Smencils pencil fundraiser.

What's a Smencil?

Smencils are pencils that are made from recycled newspaper. That means they are earth friendly because no new trees are used to make the pencils. But elementary school fundraising buyers probably don't care that much about saving trees.

The thing that makes Smencils so different is that each Smencil is soaked in a great scented liquid that makes it smell like some of your favorite items. Every time you sharpen the Smencil the scent is reinforced.

Think of Smencils as combining scented candles and pencils only the pencils are earth friendly too.

Smencil fundraisers work like lollipop fundraisers.

You buy cases of Smencils that you sell for a dollar each. You make 50% profit on every Smencil sold which means you will double your money.