If you have a People to People student ambassador on your hands and you need to help them raise money for their trip, a fundraiser is pretty much necessary if you don't think the money will magically come from somewhere else (which, let's face it, it never does). You need to get the most financial benefit possible out of your People to People fundraiser, but of course you don't want it to turn into some dreaded chore. And in fact, keeping it as fun and light as possible will help assure that you give your best effort, and make the highest profit that you can.

If you want your People to People Fundraiser to be a success, of course you're going to want to choose a fundraiser your whole family can be enthusiastic about. Things like coffee or tea may not be so popular with the younger members of your household, whereas selling candy may not go over so well with the more mature members of the family. If everyone can come to a compromise on what would be a good type of fundraiser for everyone, you'll start to feel the enthusiasm for it build almost immediately, which will lead to great momentum when it comes to sales for your fundraiser.

People to People student ambassadors often like to try more unconventional fundraisers, something that hasn't already been done a million times before by their groups at school. Perhaps you could have a look at something like scratch cards, which have amazingly high profits (up to 90%!), and work really well with smaller groups like families. Also, scratch cards are easy to carry around, so every member of the family can participate in the People to People fundraiser without any problems.

Your fundraiser for People to People doesn't have do be tedious. The more fun you can have with it, the greater your chances of a success story, so have a look at our ideas for People to People fundraisers, and get excited about the trip!