When it's time to finance a trip for your People to People student ambassador, obviously your main worry is how much money you can make, and when you can reach your goal. There are lots of ways to go about developing People to People fundraising ideas, but with a couple of starter ideas, you can really get some inspiration about what sorts of options are available to you.

Chocolate bars, even after all these years, are still one of our top-performing fundraising ideas. There a simple reason behind this, and you've probably already guessed it: people love chocolate, and if you make it available to them, they'll buy it. This is great news for a People to People fundraising team, because with chocolate bars selling at one dollar per bar, you're bound to have a virtually unlimited amount of customers who would go for a deal like that. And shipping is free on the chocolate bars, which takes some of the pressure off you.

Pizza cards are another very useful way to help fund a People to People trip, and if you can commit to selling a large number of them (more than 1,000 cards), the profits can be huge. Pizza cards sell for $10 each, and 90% of the profit goes directly toward your People to People trip fund. The pizza cards are a great deal for the people buying them, too - they get a great two-for-one pizza deal from a local pizza merchant. Everyone comes out ahead with a fundraising activity like this one.

Scratch cards are yet another popular fundraising activity for People to People student ambassadors. People scratch off 2 of 50 covered dots on the card, and whatever amounts they reveal, they give that amount in a donation to your trip fund. There's no ordering products and waiting for them to be delivered, no complications - just fun and profit, the two most important aspects of People to People fundraising.