Photography fundraisers are an interesting way to raise money for schools while at the same not appearing to he holding a fundraiser. We have three kids. Although 2 are much older than the youngest the process is the same as always.

We get a notice from the school that photo day is coming. We are given a date and a time and a dress code. Attached to the note is an order form. The photography fundraising packages are varied so you can purchase just the basics or get some very complete photo collections. Interestingly you are asked to pay for the photos before the photo day.

On photo day you get your little dressed up the way you want and according to the dress code sent home previously and send them off to get their portraits taken. The photographer has the students come in class by class and takes a couple of photos. In the next couple of weeks the photos that were taken and ordered are sent home with the student. Of course the student also brings along a reorder form so any friends and relatives that see the photos and did not order any originally can order some more.

The last time our little one participated in a photography fundraiser there were a few more modern conveniences. She came home with a tiny black and white copy of the photo the photographer had taken so we could see the photo before the company actually printed our order. We also got a form for retakes if we were not satisfied with the pictures.

Photography fundraisers are a great way for schools to raise some extra money and not interfere with their other elementary school fundraising ideas.