Quite often you see teams of people raising money for charity, whether it be in the context of sports, or some other type of event. The teams work together and have some sense of strength in numbers. But if you are on your own, trying to raise a sum of money for your favorite charity, things can be a little different.

You need to be careful how you plan and proceed, because of course the entire responsibility for the fundraising rests on your shoulder. Nonetheless, planning a fundraiser for individual needs is basically the same as planning any other fundraiser - you just need to take a few extra things into consideration.

When you're on your own, planning a fundraiser for individual charity contributions, the main thing you need to concern yourself with is profit margins. Obviously you will have less selling power than a big group will, so you'll want to select a fundraiser that will give you maximum profits in a minimum amount of time.

Many individuals enjoy working with fundraisers like scratch cards, for this very reason. Scratch cards are easy for you to carry around and distribute, the concept behind them is simple, and best of all, the more you sell, the higher your profit percentage will be. In fact, you can make up to 90% profit with scratch cards, making them a great fundraiser for individual charity efforts.

If you work in an office or other place where you see a lot of people everyday, candy fundraisers can really bring in the money. Chocolate never goes out of style, and it's popular with all ages and all different kinds of people. If you can make the rounds in your office at break times and lunch time, imagine how much you could make over the course of a couple of weeks!

So there's no reason to be anxious about organizing a fundraiser for individual charity efforts, because you can make just as much money as a small group can, if you really put your mind to it.